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health care director kathleen king testified on capitol hill today but for the house energy and commerce subcommittee on health. the hearing looked into the role that centers for medicare and medicaid contractors play in the management of the medicare program to enhance the overall effectiveness and reduce waste fraud and abuse. kathleen king is joined by gao health care team director james cosgrove and hhs inspector general for evaluation. this is about an hour and 10 minutes. >> is subcommittee will come to order. the chair will recognize himself for an opening statement. in fiscal year 2014 the medicare program will cover nearly 54 million americans. and the congressional budget office cbo estimates that total medicare spending will be approximately 600 $3 billion. 591 billion of which will be spent on benefits. according to the department of health and human services fy2013 agency financial report the proper payment rate for medicare fee-for-service, f. f. s. was 10.1% last year. adding in the improper payments for part c and d with error rates of 11.4% and 3.1% respectively. imprope
with the range of internally policy like investments in clean energy, moving out greenhouse and being a local good governor as we prepare for the change. through fema to help state, local and tribal governments prepare and to include research data and unlocking information. and making sure we are investing in the right technology that is help water systems for example. multiple parts to that. >> last question on the budget. the ryan murray deal for 2014, shows 1012, fwhbut the budget ss the 1030. can you explain that? >> there are parts that have different technical places. the wild fire proposal in how we do the wild fire proposals is one of the example of the numbers you see in the budget. to go over the wild fire proposal, we believe the issue of wild fire financing in the united states isn't being done in the cost effective way. on an annual bases, when the wild fires start they end hollowing out the types of investments we need to make in the efforts in the space. they can't do planning and take money from other places. we should be investing. what happens is those monies get replenished
controlled energy giant. they have already committed some aid to ukraine. >> i think that is still to be discussed. later today at 5:00 p.m. paris time, john kerry will meet with secretary lavrov of russia, so they will have a chance to talk about that then. at 3:30, there will also be a meeting on the sidelines to talk about ukraine. russia has been offering money to ukraine, supposedly the metallic them with the gas debt -- supposedly, to help them with the gas debt. much,ira, thank you so traveling with a secretary in paris, france. let's get to company news. >> we start with standard chartered bank. posting a profit for the first time in a decade. business in south korea we can. .hey broken its korean business because the bulk of its profit from the asia-pacific region. a drop in the ruble slowing adidas down. forecasting full-year profit as much as 17% below analysts estimates. they blamed weakness in the ruble and argentineover the shortfall. apple it's a new cfo. your oppenheimer retiring from the post at the end of september. oppenheimer has been with the company for 18 yea
tech manufacturing and energy and exports and american innovation. that's job number one. number two is training more americans with the skill they need to fill those good jobs. our workforce is prepared for the jobs of tomorrow. part three. guaranteeing every young person in the country access to a world class education from pre-k all the way to a college education like the one you are getting here. that's why over the past five years, working with the outstanding congressional delegation, we have been able to make sure that grand dollars are going further than before. we took on a student loan system that gave billions of taxpayer dollars to the big banks and said let's use them to give more students what they need to go to college. that's why we are offering millions of young people a chance to cap student loan payments at 10% of income. you need to check it out and go to the website at the department of education and find out how to be eligible. more young people are earning college degrees than ever before. of course and i know your president won't disagree with this, you have t
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. >> on top of that the supermarkets are crowded with other juices and energy drinks, competition that didn't exist 15 years ago. and the price of a box of oranges is predicted to increase every year which will likely be passed on to the consumer. >> christine johnson. thank you. >>> roberto writes about food and the consumer industry. "how america fell out of love with orange juice" was posted this week. weekend. >> thanks for having me. >> what do you think the most important one is? >> it's not really clees. the most important thing is definitedeafa disease called citrus greepg. it came to florida in the late '90s and it's pretty much affecting every single citrus tree in florida. >> i found fascinating that your article talks about our changes as consumers. a lot of people don't sit down to breakfast anymore and maybe that's why the drink is not so popular. >> it used to be you drink this drink in the morning and get this as part of your breakfast. now americans are not eating breakfast or eating breakfast on the go. >> that's a trend that's likely to continue.
's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions-- it matters. ♪ >>> good morning to you. 7:26, i'm peggy bunker. b.a.r.t. hopes to have service restored any moment now the stations have been closed all morning long. "today in the bay" live in hayward with an update. how are we doing for commuters? >> reporter: great news. good morning. just a couple of minutes ago we heard the station agent yell the words "okay," but we heard the crowd go while. a minute ago, gates rolled up, and we saw commuters able to get back into the south hayward b.a.r.t. station after a very long, rough commute, overnight a trespasser killed on the b.a.r.t. tracks and an investigation halted b.a.r.t. service through union city, south hayward. they'd have to make their way to the bayfair station to get into the city but that has changed. again, stations back open. we also saw her put up a sign on the area where you pay, and it said, free marking. maybe that's a
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is the energy and enthusiasm that remains. these are employees, like all federal employees, that vp had a years,se in four suffered through the government shutdown, suffered with fur will criticismndured the over the last eight to 10 months about the agency. so you would expect i would hear a lot of complaining. what i've heard continually across those 10 cities i've been to already is that the employees' primary concern is art enough people, for them in the offices to help taxpayers. sat in callho i've centers in baltimore, call centers in st. louis, people, their concern is not that they're overworked, they are working as hard as they k. their concern is that there aren't as as there used to be answering phone calls and they don't feel they're delivering taxpayers the services they deserve. the people at the tax payary says tans centers who run those often types with empty deives are also concerned about the people standing in line. a refreshing indication of the dedication the 90,000 employees forking -- for the i.r.s. have. and the chairman is exactly right, the mission of the agency is to
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're constraining the energy, the innovation, the creativity of the most amazing engine for discovery the world has seen, which is america's science. >> dr. collins, what you're saying is that young people are discouraged from coming forth because they don't think that there's going to be the money there to fund their project? i see dr. hodes and landus shaking their head. so we have promising ideas. people in our own country, in our own country with these ideas ready to roll. well, let me ask you this. the whole idea of doubling, i don't know if it's in our fiscal cards. but i understand we shared an idea here that if we had stayed on the 3% growth initiated by harkin-spector, where would we be now, about $40 billion? >> if you look at that curve of what the trajectory was prior to the 1998 doubling, it was about a 3% growth rate, and that's accounting for inflation. so real growth in terms of purchasing power. if we had stayed on that curve, we would now be just at about $40 billion. rvelgs so it's $10 billion less than where we are. we're both not only at the national institutes of ageing, but a
there. the tea party is at this interesting crossroads right now. they still have a bit of energy, certainly, throughout the country. but they are at this crossroads about where do they go? you know, the tea party is largely a grassroots organization, but again, people right now are very frustrated and angry at washington. if you look at "the new york times" poll today as well, you know, they had this interesting number about how frustrated people are at gridlock in washington. and a lot of people think that's due in part to the tea party. if you look at right now, how much influence does the tea party have over the republican party, look at that right now. a lot of people think that the tea party has too much influence over the republican party. 37% right now, carol, you know, think that the tea party has too much influence. in fact, i was talking tofact, came on the air here and a republican strategist said they did do some good things. they talk about the spending but they were not able to come to the table. they talked too much about division and they didn't know how to govern
. energy sectors of the massive amount of corruption that takes place, those things have got to be dealt with. candidly one of the roles that the imf is best at playing has been that mechanism that helps force those changes without an outside 4825 forcing mechanism in this -- is on like the that the ukraine will be a will to -- it will take them strong, strong . >> the effort to attach the main veteran groups have come out against it. >> you know, i -- the senate to vote have been here seven years now. the senate has been on the verge of a death spiral for several months. when you have a leader -- and i said this directly. this is in his office. when you have of the year that is totally banned on ensuring that there is no debate you will find people using all kinds of avenues to try to bring something to the floor for debate it is beyond belief. it is the greatest deliberative body you have friends and ellis side of the aisle of just as frustrated as many it's reprehensible. reprehensible away the united states and operates. i think most of vino that i have done everything i can to reach
to do it. we are constraining the energy and an innovation and creativity the most amazing engine for discovery that the world has seen which is american science. >> dr. called and she said people are discouraged from coming forth because they don't think there will be the money there to form their project create icy dock your hodes and landis shaking their heads. if we had stayed on 3% growth initiated a harkin spectrum where would we be now add $40 billion? >> if you look at that curve of what the trajectory was prior to the 1998 doubling it was about a 3% growth rate and that's accounting for inflation the real growth in terms of purchasing power. it if we stayed on the earth we would he adjusted it $40 million. >> not only at the national institutes of aging but issued point out this could be a variety of institutes from dr. landis. here's my question. i understand you have an idea that if you took inflation plus 5% for four years we could get to where we ought to be. >> that would have you do the math carry nih to that 40 billion-dollar number and again that's a decision that
together the energy and the thoroughness with which the committee has taken great pains and sensitivity regarding the they say they can perform simple maintenance, it is very reliable aircraft, but there have been a lot of questions in the general press about the appropriateness of using the ch47d in this ,ntrance -- in this instance very tight mountains of the northern and there, it widens given the south, but aggregate circumstances here, was this an appropriate aircraft something was the that was thrown together as a last minute because that allegation has been out there as well. >> thank you, sir. this was the appropriate aircraft for this mission. the choice of this aircraft was tactically sound. other aircraft may have been used, but what could not have been used and has been questioned was the black hawk. one of the issues with the war in afghanistan is the elevations in the mountains and nation of helicopter, which frankly in my career we did not use extensively in other conflicts or even in iraq in the first and in sector time -- second time, we use mostly, and that is because
and they are devoting all available resources and energy to planning for many plausible contingencies. they're working in coordination with the electoral commission to strike the right balance, to increase participation without increasing the opportunities for fraud. on january 12th, the ministry of the interior issued its assessment of polling center security and concluded that 414 of the 6845 polling centers would be inaccessible on election day. since then the i.e. c added an additional 323 polling centers the iec c publicly released list of 675 polling centers with 21,663 polling stations across the country. the iec c does not intend to add any additional polling centers to the lies release of polling center list six weeks before the poll takes place mark as significant improvement over the 2009 elections. when the polling center list was released only days before the election. election monitoring and observation is the best ways to mitigate fraud and insure credibility of the electoral process. consistent with afghan responsibility for afghan elections, domestic observation efforts are being bols
to see that kind of activity even though it would make us much, much more energy independent right now. >> absolutely. it's a great question. fracking has been going on in the united states oil fields since the 1940s. we fracked over 1 million wells. what's new is horizontal fracking. we're drilling the wells horizontally, using higher pressures. it's a well-established practice. there's no evidence that fracking itself causes problems, and i think it's a little bit of a misdirection in a way. what really causes problems in these wells is poor well construction, and by that we mean it's a bad cementing job so there are gaps between the well and the cement. that can cause gas or hydrocarbons to escape to the surface. there are poor water management techniques so there may be improper disposal. there are chemical spills at the surface. so there are plenty of things for the industry to be concerned about and to keep an eye on, but, frankly, fracking just isn't one of them. >> at the same time, charles, how efficient is fracking generally speaking because we have these big oil fields that
a fortune in the energy sector in the 1990s. her reputation is tainted. she's a controversial figure. >> i remember watching a video of her coming out in her wheelchair. thousands were screaming. is it a choice of the less of of two evils, yulia tymoschenko, and viktor yanukovych, or are the people rallying behind her. people seemed to have generous support for her. >> certainly she is charismatic and is a populous. >> she knows what it tell people to get them revved up. >> yes. it's no accident the image is hot. she want the people to win people with her charisma. viktor yanukovych wanted to win people with the iron fit. >> charisma versus the in fist. thank you eileena, professor at fordham university. >> back in the u.s. officials in montana issued an avalanche advisory. police and firefighters going door to door because an up to came together when an avalanche barrelled down a mountain. >> reporter: practically an entire town comes out when word spread that an 8-year-old boy and elderly couple was buried by an avalanche. >> they told us. >> there was a bunch of fire trucks. we were cu
of the energy is residing here. there's still a possibility of thunderstorms over the monterrey area. this is going to continue to the south and east. if you watch the way it flows, you can see how we're still within that band. as this continues to move south and east it will take the rain with it. for the next few hours we'll begin to see it taper off. for the second half of date we're dry. take a look. we're into 10:00, by noontime, partly cloudy skies in the forecast. we'll remain for just that chance the entire afternoon. notice we still have sprinkles popping up into sunset. we have the possibility of just a light shower, here and there, that should be about it. in the 60s today, 61 san francisco and 63 in vallejo, it's always in view. just a slight chance at a few scattered showers. i'll be tracking that for you. temperaturewise it will not change a lot. we're mostly cloudy and tuesday mostly cloudy and more rain in the forecast, at least the possibility coming by midweek wednesday. i'll show you those rainfall totals, they'll be coming up in a few minutes. >> the hike in the t
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in america. so far bureau launched four of these hubs where workers could printing, energy-efficient electronics, light weight metals, and digital manufacturing. technologies that could help ensure a steady stream of good jobs well into the 21st century. on wednesday, i launched a new, titian to build a 21st century infrastructure. transit, bridges, mass more efficient ports, and faster passenger rails. rebuilding america will not just attract businesses, it will create more construction jobs that cannot be shipped overseas. congress could make an even bigger difference in both areas. thanks to the leadership of a bipartisan group of lawmakers, there is a ill in congress right now that will create an entire network of high tech manufacturing hubs all across the country. next week, i will send congress a budget that will rebuild our transportation systems and support millions of jobs nationwide. there is a lot we could do if we work together. while congress decides what it is going to do, i am going to keep doing everything in my power to rebuild an economy where everybody w
and the energy they have brought to the electoral process. my gripe is not with the tea party. my gripe is with some washington organizations and feel like they have to go raise money by .eating up on me and others >> some members have pushed you to places you do not want to be. five years in -- leader. as the i do not think it has changed at all. my job is to listen to my colleagues, to work with my calling about and to fight with the common ground is so we can move forward. i don't believe things have changed at all. paste observation this week was an event that would cover here in washington. his assessment is that john boehner will likely set -- stepped down as speaker at the end of this year. agree or disagree? >> i think we have to wait for the election results. let's say the republicans have a very good year, they take control of the senate, which handicappers from's new andenberg -- stu rothenberg others think is more likely than not. usually, the republicans pick up in the house. john boehner would have a chance to pass legislation that would reach president's desk. he might ve
an energy jeweler doing business right here. >> they speak with that jeweler the run in with the thieves outside the san carlos store. >> new york jewelry supplier is out half a million dollars after precious jew he wills were stolen from his hand. the 43-year-old wants to remain anonymous and was headed to jeffrey's diamonds and goldsmith. the detective tore of the operations of the store had no idea. >> we had just closed. didn't have hatch to do with the store. the person who got robbed was coming to our store and not here yet. >> he had just crossed the street. and they shoulded at him. one man pot out and pointed a gun at him and stole his brief case before they drove off. >> he was coming here. if he parked it somewhere else and gone somewhere else. if he was followed, he might have been robbed them. >> he had diamonds and other high end jules worth upwards of $400,000. >> the sheriff's office needs the public's help tracking down the sis he can'ts in the honda pilot. >> we are working this case diligently right now. >> we hold a good track record with arresting bad guys. >> he sai
energy is usually captivated. so these are very impressive and important. and there is a relationship between him and people like stokely carmichael who have seen him and stokely says famously that if you're going to help organize it as long as he can be on the front row when malcolm comes to speak and malcolm is debating. black social democratic activists, the main organizers of the march on washington and had spent time with the conscientious objectives and influence that vary greatly. and when he sees him speak and find out who that is, he says that is who i want to be when i grow up. so it's very interesting that we have debated this in 1961 and it's been hugely important because he is influenced but he's also listening to malcolm asked to become further radicalized a growing conscience. >> host: good afternoon and welcome to our in-depth program. this is our monthly program where we invite an author on to talk about his or her body of work. this month we have peniel joseph. his first book came out in 2006, waiting until the midnight hour and dark days and nights, from black power
of their energy supplies and actually we have seen a significant recession in european leadership over the last ten to 20 years. but we need to act and we need to speak up in favor of the people who are now being overtaken in crimea by vladimir putin's army, his military. and i worry and -- in conclusion i say it's time we woke up about vladimir putin. it's time that this administration got real. and it's also time for us to worry about what vladimir putin will do on eastern ukraine on the pretext that somehow disorder and demonstrations might require russian presence. and my friends, if we allow mr. putin to assert his authority over these areas because of russian-speaking people, that message is not lost on poland, where there's russian population, on romania, on latvia, estonia, lithuania and moldova, and we are on the verge possibly of seeing a move to reassert the old russian empire, which is mr. putin's lifelong ambition. madam president, i've overstayed my time. i thank my colleague from alabama and i yield the floor. the presiding officer: madam president? the presiding officer: the sen
announcer ] only with abreva. [ sniffs ] girl scout: [ clears throat ] hi. i just finished an energy audit of this building and started my own dog walking business. what did you do to deserve that thin mints flavor coffee-mate? it's only one of the most delicious girl scout cookie flavors ever. i changed the printer ink. really? it's actually tricky. you're lucky i like your tie. [ male announcer ] your favorite girl scout cookie flavors, out of the box and into your coffee-mate. nestle. good food, good life. ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] ♪ >> what do we think? i'm thinking she's 2. >> yes. >> just about 2. >> yes. >> wow. >> this is easily the most adorable toddler you'll see all day other than your own. >> wow. >> totally convinced that she is conducting a choir here of which her father is a member. this is kyrgyzstan. i'm told that music is universal and so is absolutely ferociously cute. >> ferociously intelligent the way she is channeling it. >> give it to me, come on now. give it to me. sopranos bring it. ♪ >> beethoven. >> oh, i had to believe there was a big finish that we couldn't show
banks, oil companies, energy companies, and that's when you start talking about real money. russia's trade, russia's very economy is dependent on access to the international finance system, its trade with europe. again europe lose as lot and that's why you're seeing opposition from the germans and british and others to more significant sanctions that have already been put on the table by the u.s. >> jim, educate our viewers. how common is it for a country that has in sanctions imposed upon it to take the retaliatory step of seizing the asset, confiscating the assets of private companies. >> well, listen. it's happened. you know the expert in seizing assets i suppose you would say is the u.s. this is a tactic the u.s. has used in a number of instances. iran being the most recent one. unfreezing those iranian assets is part of this nuclear deal or unfreezing a portion of the frozen assets is part of the deal. so, you know, if you get down that path, it certainly happened before. but, you know, i think that it does show that, you know, it's a hard thing to control just like on the gro
. west coast over 4 inches of rain from the storm in l.a. today we start to see the energy move to the east. this is where the storm is now. you see the snow across parts of the great lakes. it's going to sag a little farther off towards the south today and tomorrow. take a look at all of these states across the central part of the country an ohio river valley under winter storm warnings. get ready. it's today. it will be done by tomorrow evening but snowfall totals i think are going to be a little less than we were considering before. we're going to see a lot of areas in the 4 to 6 inch range. same from new york city towards d.c. so not as bad i think as we thought which is good news. >> except for philly. >> you're going to get some snow. i don't think it's going to be huge. not a foot. >> thanks. >> coming up, what does harry reid think about the millions of americans with obama care horror stories. >> lies. distorted by the republicans to grab headlines or make political advertisements. >> tell that to our next guest, a doctor who lost insurance for her patients and employee
across california now producing a tornado warning this morning. you can see this vigorous energy pulling into central california and southern california where it's been very rainy. we have been talking about the town of asousa a town budded up against the gabriel mountains. see this one cell in this lap loop right there -- here it comes. here to comes. i promise. there it is. tornado warning with that one. if you are up watching us there right now you need to take cover because potentially having some very dangerous conditions right there. here we will watch this storm pull out towards the east. winter storm warnings across the country right now. snow develop later on today in kansas city and tomorrow. a the love snow. 8 to 12 inches. winter and watches posted as you go farther to the east. a little bit later delayed. we will see that weather get there temperaturewise, get ready for another really cold night tonight. minus 25 in. meteorological. >> talking to my daughter last night. she lives outside of the san francisco bay area. they had a tornado near sacramento. one or two a year. ye
. this particular wish the parents wanted to wait until he had energy. i began assigning this wish with the family in march and started to understand the two miles how are we going to achieve that i made a bold statement into turning this into goth am city. it codify catapulted. so, now it's a much for ininaccurate indicate from the divorce. people starting twoet and reposting and it went viral. it was incredible about make a wish he wanted to be thinking about being batman. there's been a lot of super issues that have happened cross the country but i think that can only happen in san francisco the mayors on board and the city hall it's an incredible outpouring and i love how san francisco is in the spotlight here and people around the world sending their love to san francisco. you kids we thank you for your encourage and we wish we can erase the pain we hope this is the day of magic and that you'll remember this forever. bat kid forever in san francisco >> san francisco is unique in this way and it's part of our compassion and we have a civic duty to be involved and people are stepping forward i
landscape is changing a lot in terms of where they get their energy. >> they want to get linn energy or renewal -- green energy or renewable energy, up to 45% of production. that shows you the evolution of change. you are seeing prices, prices have been under pressure all year. prices have been dropping by about 15%. that cuts profitability by up to 30%. >> the whole gamut of gas and energy markets reacting to the ukraine situation. indexsia's benchmark jumped the most since september 2012. that is after dropping 11% yesterday. head ofoined by emerging market strategy. thank you for joining us. we are in volatile times. the sizable declines, a slight rebound today, how would you expect emerging market assets to fair in the coming days and weeks? is the appetite towards emerging markets have been improving quite considerably since the days of pathetic -- since the days of panic. right now, everybody is watching the ukraine crisis and we need to find out how this crisis is going to -- before we can be more comfortable. very much a russian story? remember the days of the syria crisis la
of the to highlight i think is the question of energy and power. they would meetings where leaders came together and what they got really excited about is when they discovered that some of the central asian republics are producing power and kinsella from two to 6 cents a kilowatt power with india and pakistan are buying 13 or 16 cents per kilowatt hour. that's enormous opportunity. energy of power is another, and others i think increasingly are being discovered but in the search original cooperation is what would help create the incentives for peace and stability. >> thank you very much. let me see if i could just adjust the question of the peace process such as it is, i talked about this oval before the session. i would make four points if i could. one is i think it's really important to start as david sedney talked in his intervention to start and remember that the fighting you, these taliban who continue to attack and attack and attack, as david said, mostly noncombatants but also terrible attacks on afghan national city forces and a continued effort to kill and maim american forces and inter
them go crazy, burn off some energy. it's an easter egg hunt not at easter. melissa mollet, news 4. back to you. >> keep those good ideas coming, melissa. thank you. >>> a man is in mourning this morning. he is mourning the death of his 60-year-old wife who apparently suffered a heart attack while shoveling snow. she died in the hospital. it happened yesterday afternoon at her home on pavia court. the man yelled for help and two neighbors rushed over to perform cpr while emergency crews were on their way. >>> metro buses are back in service today. buses are running on their usual routes. they may be taking some detours. metro wants to avoid steep hills and narrow streets. metro access service should resume at the top of the next hour, we're told. >> and you will be able to take marc and vre out of the district today. both services will operate with their full schedules. amtrak says most of its trains will be running between d.c. and new york as well. >>> and right now, almost 700 flights have been canceled across the country. live look at reagan national airport. 51 flights have be
. >> sure. >> and one of the stars enjoying the swanky swaury. >> there's a great energy in the air. >> celebrating great movies and free champagne. >> all about the champagne, you know. whether you win or lose, you're a winner, you know. >> seeing my friends and my frnds that are nominated. and just meeting new people. i love coming to this event. >> diamonds won't be the only thing bliistening at the oscars. the theme of the show is movie heros. >> it so inspirational. and people want to be inspireed. especially this year -- [ inaudible ] celebrating [ inaudible ] >> we have popular heros, animated heros, all different kind of heroes. >> the stars shared their favorite heros too. >> i like pl newman in cool hand luke and steve mueen in doubles. i like h how they behaved as me. >> lawrence of arabia. >> indiana jones, right? great hero. a lot of bull whips. any hero with a bull whip. >> which actor is slicing his way back to the small screen? find out. >>> and americanidol. the judges break down this seasason's stars. >> i have no idea. there is aunch of them that could win it. >>
and is not the first time carriers have had this problem. in the whole cold war the soviets put enormous energy enormous money into taking out the aircraft carriers and the strikers and that is how i cut my teeth in this business, figuring out ways to make it survivable and actually we did an awful lot in those days. none of those things would work in today in today's world but we are so used to dominating and we don't spend anywhere near the money we should on electronic warfare and deception and other things like that can make a huge difference and in this budget environment we can actually afford things like that. we need to be more creative so that's .1. joint strike fighter is another program that suffers from the same challenge of how can we talk about shorter range in a world where they are pushing us further and further out and i think the same point comes in, we have to recognize jsf is the only jet we have built that is built from the ground up to be survivable in a challenging bw environment for example. that's a tremendous capability. we haven't started to figure out what we can do
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